CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1976 retro jersey: football is a game that requires many qualities. Talent, tactical understanding, instinct. Make the right move at the right time, make the decision very quickly. This is what happened to Antonin Panenka on June 20, 1976. We are playing the Euro final. Czechoslovakia and Germany split 2-2. Shoot to the net. The first shooters all scored, up to the mistake of the German Uli Hoeness. At the age of 27, Panenka and his mustache move forward. So far, this Bohemian midfielder has never won anything. But at this precise moment, he will write his legend. He dashes forward, and instead of hitting the ball hard, he strokes it from below to send it in a bell towards the goals and deceive Sepp Maier. The coup is masterful, and Czechoslovakia is European champion. Panenka can run with his arms raised: he just invented the Panenka.

TCHECOSLOVAQUIE 1976 retro jersey 100% cotton made in England

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