BRAZIL 1958 AWAY retro jersey: On June 29, 1958, eight years after the “Maracanazo”, Brazil found itself again in the World Cup final. This time, the opponent is no longer Uruguay, but Sweden, the organizing country. But there is a problem: the two teams wear the same colors. A draw is therefore carried out, and it is Sweden which wins the right to put on its traditional yellow colors. In an emergency, and having no outer jersey at the time, Brazil must find a change of clothes. The Brazilians retrieve blue jerseys and embroider the Brazilian patch on the heart themselves. It is with this royal blue tunic on the shoulders that the Seleçao will dominate Sweden, winning 5-2 thanks to goals from Vavá (2), Pelé (2) and Zagallo. Blue is definitely adopted as the second color.

BRAZIL 1958 AWAY retro jersey 100% cotton, made only for you on order in England

Vintage jersey BRAZIL 1958 AWA...


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