AUSTRALIA 1965 AWAY retro jersey: The Australian selection plays its first match on June 17, 1922, against New Zealand. The colors chosen are green and gold, borrowed from the rugby team, which had themselves stolen them from the cricket team. But for years, the Socceroos will pay the price for their geographic isolation, at a time when you couldn’t get to the island in three clicks on Opodo. Until the 1950s, Australia therefore contented itself with friendly matches against its closest neighbors. The first attempt at qualifying for a World Cup dates back to November 1965. The Australians contested a play-off against North Korea, but lost heavily 9-2 over the entire two games. The Scheinflug, the scorer of the two goals, becomes the first Australian scorer in an official match. On the other hand, to see a World Cup, you will have to wait a little longer.

AUSTRALIA 1965 AWAY retro jersey 100% cotton, made in England

Vintage jersey AUSTRALIA 1965 ...


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