1974 RDA DDR retro shirt Goalkeeper Jurgen CROY: Jürgen Croy is certainly not the best known Jürgen in the history of German football. However, in the midst of Klinsmann, Kohler and other Klopp, the former doorman of the East German selection is entitled to his place in the sun. Born in Zwickau, in the former GDR, he made his debut with the local club, Sachsenring Zwickau, in 1965, at 19 years old. Two years later, he was already called up to the national team, and would never leave the woods again. He remained the keeper of the other Mannschaft until 1981, when he ended his career. He is the one who defends the goals of the GDR in the historic victory against the FRG (he also leaves a magnificent parade in the first minutes, while the score is still 0-0). A Mondial 74 where he will also find himself successively facing Gerd Müller, Rivellino, Cruijff and Mario Kempes. Just that.

RDA DDR 1974 Gardien Jurgen CROY retro jersey: 100% cotton, made in England

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