DYNAMO KIEV 1975 BLOKHIN retro jersey: A white jersey, a blue collar, and the “D” of Dynamo embroidered on the heart: the Dynamo Kiev 1975 jersey is simple and effective. Above all, it is synonymous with a golden era for Ukrainians. In fact, on May 14, 1975, at Basel’s Saint-Jacques Park, the team then coached by former striker Valeri Lobanovski won the Cup Cup, beating Ferencvaros 3-0 in the final. In this magnificent team, we find the stars of Soviet football: Leonid Burjak, the middle Viktor Kolotov, and especially the legend Oleg Blochin. A few weeks after their triumph, the Dynamo players also won the UEFA Super Cup, defeating Bayern Munich by Gerd Müller and Franz Beckenbauer (3-0 over two games). Logically, Blochin won the Ballon d’Or at the end of the year. Another era.

DYNAMO KIEV 1975 BLOKHIN retro jersey 100% cotton, made in England.

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