BRAZIL 1958 retro jersey: On July 16, 1950, the Brazilians await the coronation of their Seleçao at the World Cup at the Maracana. Uruguay finally deprives them of their first star and a whole people burst into tears. A 9-year-old boy will then make the promise to one day remedy this trauma. His name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento. Eight years later, when he is only 17 years old, the one that everyone knows by the name of Pelé will be the spearhead of this Brazilian team. The Seleçao now sports a splendid yellow and green jersey, just to ward off the fate of the white jersey worn until the 1950 defeat against Uruguay. With Altafini, Vavá, Didi and Pelé, she dismisses Austria (3-0), England (0-0), the USSR (2-0), Wales (1-0), France (5-2) then Sweden (5-2) in the final, to finally offer their first World Cup. With his six goals scored, Pelé is already the hero. And this is just the beginning.

BRAZIL 1958 retro jersey 100% cotton, made only for you to order in England

Vintage jersey BRAZIL 1958


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