1974 ZAIRE retro jersey: In 1974, Zaire, with its sublime green jersey with yellow borders, participated for the first time in the World Cup. But his hen is raised. After a 2-0 opening defeat against the Scots, Zaire sank completely against Yugoslavia, taking a severe 9-0. The last match against Brazil, June 22, 1974, therefore counts for some butter. After 78 minutes, the Seleçao leads 2-0 and obtains a free kick. As Rivelino and Jairzinho prepare to shoot him, Zairia defender Illunga Mwepu breaks out of his wall, rushes towards the ball and clears it as far as possible. The ultimate crack, the aberrant gesture that brings this unknown player into the legend, and the green jersey of Zaire with. With a question, necessarily: why? “He never explained why he did this and it remains a mystery to all of us,” said Kakoko Etepe, a former midfielder of the Leopards. It’s well known, magicians never reveal their tricks.

ZAIRE 1974 retro jersey, 100% cotton, made in England.

Vintage jersey ZAIRE 1974


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