1950 BRAZIL retro jersey: Brazil play their first official match in 1914 against the English in Exeter City. For the occasion, the Seleção wears a white jersey with blue sleeves. In the years that followed, she went looking for herself: the tunic was first striped yellow and green (1916), then white with green stripe (1918), and finally with black and yellow stripes (1919). At the start of the 1930 World Cup, Brazil returns to their white blue-collar jersey, and will not leave it until the 1950 World Cup final, lost at home to Uruguay. After this tragic defeat, the daily Correio da Manhã organized a competition to design a new jersey, white being now considered “cursed” and “not sufficiently patriotic”. The competition is won by Aldyr Garcia Schlee, a 19 year old boy, who designed a yellow jersey with green collar, with blue shorts. The start of a new chapter.

BRAZIL 1950 retro jersey 100% cotton, made only for you in England

Vintage jersey Brazil 1950


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