NETHERLANDS 1974 retro jersey VAN DE KERKHOF: As crazy as it sounds, when the Netherlands started their 1974 World Cup against Uruguay, they never won a single World Cup match. Zero victory in 1934 and 1938, then no participation until 1974. The Oranje have time to catch up, and impose their law upon entering the competition (2-0 success against Celeste). Orange jersey on the shoulders in honor of the “father of the fatherland” William I of Orange-Nassau, coat of arms on the heart bearing the image of the golden lion of the Coat of arms of the nation: the Oranjes impose it . Playing total football, they delight and reach the final against the FRG. The Netherlands of the three Js (Johan Cruijff, Johan Neeskens, Johnny Rep) won the public’s honors, but lost on the field, 2-1. We know the song, “in the end, it’s always the Germans …”

Anecdote: In 1974, the Dutch, equipped by Adidas, wear an orange jersey and jacket with three black bands. All except one player: Johan Cruyff. There are only two bands on the playmaker’s shoulders. Team star, personally under contract with Puma, Cruyff then expressed his disagreement with his Federation on the question of sponsors. “I refused to wear because the supplier’s contract, signed for the benefit of the Federation, did not provide for a penny for the players. To protest, I had a two-band jersey made instead of the three and I played the final like that, “he said. “The Federation of the Netherlands did not want to hear that, if the orange jersey belonged to it, I was the only master with regard to my face! ”

BAS VAN DE KERKHOF 1974 retro jersey: 100% cotton, made in England and flocked VAN DE KERKHOF 10

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