CCCP URSS 1982 AWAY retro jersey: After losing to Brazil (1-2) and winning against New Zealand (3-0) in red jersey ( /5641-maillot-cccp-urss-1959.html), the USSR continues its Mondial 82 with a white tunic with thin red stripes. It is inaugurated for the last group match against Scotland, the group’s “final”. The winner qualifies, the loser is outside. Superb match full of twists and turns: the 2-2 draw finally qualified the Soviets for goal average. The rest will be terribly frustrating for Blokhin’s teammates, who find themselves in the pool of Poland and Belgium. Poles and Soviets both won against the Belgians, some 3-0, others 1-0. Thus, Poland-USSR is worth a place in the semi-final. The draw calls the Poles, so the USSR attacks, attacks, attacks. But nothing helps. Poland clings to 0-0, and the Soviets are eliminated. Red has triumphed over white.

CCCP URSS 1982 AWAY retro jersey 100% cotton, made in England

Vintage jersey CCCP URSS 1982 ...


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