MONTREAL MANIC 1980 retro jersey: Philadelphia, beer and hockey. Three words behind the Montreal Manic franchise. For two years, from 1978 to 1980, the club existed under the name of the Philadelphia Fury. But the economic crisis is fatal to the Fury. The Molson beer company, already owner of the Montreal Canadiens hockey club, then bought the franchise for two million dollars and brought it to Canada. The Montréal Manic therefore takes part in NASL 1981, with Eddie Firmani, former coach of the Cosmos, on his bench. The team includes a former United, Gordon Hill, an ex from City, Tony Tower, and even a Frenchman, Michel Corre. This band reached the quarterfinals of NASL in 1981 and 1982. The following year, the club, in debt of ten million dollars, offers itself a last barrage of honor by reaching the semi-finals, then disappears. Today, the Montreal Impact has taken up the torch.

MONTREAL MANIC 1980 retro jersey 100% Polyester made in England and flocked with 25 in the back

Vintage jersey MONTREAL MANIC ...


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