LIVERPOOL 1978 retro jersey: At the start of the 1979-80 season, a revolution in Liverpool. The famous red jersey is, for the first time, wearing a sponsor. It will be Hitachi, a Japanese electronics brand. It is the first partnership between a sponsor and an English club. Problem, at the time, advertising on a soccer jersey was not accepted by everyone, including the English Federation (FA) and UEFA. This is why there are many photos of the Hitachi jersey worn by Liverpool players during the match, but almost no video. Indeed, if the match was televised, the FA (or UEFA) asked Liverpool to return their “original” jersey, without a sponsor. It wasn’t until the 1980s, and the arrival of sponsors Crown Paints (1982) and Candy (1988), that Liverpool got “permission” to display their sponsor all the time. Even in prime time.

LIVERPOOL 1978 retro jersey 100% cotton, made in England.

Vintage jersey LIVERPOOL 1978


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