Retro jacket NETHERLANDS 1974 CRUYFF: At the 1974 World Cup, the Dutch, equipped by Adidas, wear a jersey and an orange jacket with three black stripes. All but one player: Johan Cruyff. On the shoulders of the playmaker, there are only two bands. Star of the team, personally under contract with Puma, Cruyff then manifests his disagreement with his Federation on the issue of sponsors. “I refused to wear because the contract of the equipment manufacturer, signed in favor of the Federation, did not provide a dime for the players. To protest, I made myself a two-band jersey instead of three and I played the final like that, “he had justified. “The Federation of the Netherlands did not want to hear that if the orange jersey belonged to him, I was the only master with regard to my face! ”

Retro jacket NETHERLANDS 1974 CRUYFF 100% Polyester, made in England.

«En 1974, on donnait du plaisir aux gens» Retro jacket NETHERLANDS 1974 ...


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