NORTHERN IRELAND 1971 GEORGE BEST retro shirt: It is the story of a player who was not born in the right country. Manchester United star George Best could have been born in England and part of the team that won the World Cup at home in 1966. Instead, he was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. So rather than having Moore, Hurst or Charlton as teammates, he was alone in the world in his green jersey. In 1965, he was on the verge of qualifying his nation alone for the World Cup, but a draw against Albania shattered the dream. Four years later, it was the USSR that prevented him from going to the World 70. As a result, the genius Best never participated in either the World Cup or the Euro. Worse yet, Northern Ireland finally managed to qualify for a World Cup in 1982, four years after Best decided to retire internationally. Fucking disgrace!

NORTHERN IRELAND 1971 GEORGE BEST 100% cotton retro jersey, made in England with BEST 11 flocked on the back

Vintage jersey IRLANDE DU NORD...


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