RED STAR 1970 retro jersey: There is not a Red Star, but Red Star. In 1898, a year after its creation, the Red Star merged with the Left Bank Union Pédestre and chose a blue and white striped jersey. Its best period since the club won four Coupe de France from 1921 to 1928. In 1929, a second merger, this time with Olympique Paris, and adoption of a white jersey. What about green? It did not appear until 1935, when the club joined the D1 single hen, green being the original color of Olympique Paris. It is with this green tunic (and after a new merger with Toulouse FC in 1967) that the Red Star will know its years at the highest level. No trophy won, certainly, but six consecutive seasons in D1 (1969-1975), and very beautiful players like Nestor Combin, Jean-Claude Bras and Fleury Di Nallo. Green class.

RED STAR 1970 retro jersey 100% cotton made in England

Vintage jersey RED STAR 1970


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