MANCHESTER UNITED 1970 GEORGE BEST retro shirt: “I think I found a genius”. Bob Bishop, a Manchester United recruiter, was right. In 1961, he rehearsed a 15-year-old North Irish boy and warned the Red Devils coach. This kid is George Best. Two years later, in 1963, Best made his debut with the legendary team. Best is above the rest, above the law. He scores, he drinks, he likes life, women, money, he is the fifth Beatles, the most rock’n roll of football players. With his iconic number 7 (but also, sometimes, the 10 and 11), he took Manchester United to the top, with a Champions Cup raised in 1968. That same year, the most red of the Devils won the Golden Ball. And whatever his quarrels with Bobby Charlton and his excesses, Best is forever the greatest. Bob Bishop hadn’t lied.

MANCHESTER UNITED 1970 GEORGE BEST 100% cotton retro jersey, made in England

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