ITALY 1990 ANCELOTTI retro shirt: Everything is there. A Mondial at home. A fourth star to fetch. Players in full swing. In 1990, Italy had a boulevard in front of it. True to its tradition, it takes time to gain momentum, and it is a replacement, Toto Schillaci, who offers him his first success against Austria (1-0). With an iron defense, the Nazionale qualified for the second round and knocked out Uruguay in eighths then Ireland in quarters. As they face Argentina from Maradona, the Azzurri have still not conceded a single goal and Schillaci is on fire. And when Toto opens the scoring, all the Italian people already see themselves in the final. Too good, too early, Vicini’s men are finally caught up by Caniggia, player of… Atalanta Bergamo. Donadoni and Serena fail in the penalty shootout lottery and the “World” dream takes flight.

ITALY 1990 ANCELOTTI 100% polyester retro jersey, made in England and flocked ANCELOTTI 9 on the back

Vintage jersey ITALY 1990 ANCE...


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