Retro jacket ARGENTINA 1990: On June 24, 1990, Argentina faces Brazil in the round of 16 of the World Cup. This meeting is an opportunity for these two historical rivals to finally launch their competition, they who galley in the first round. Brazil dominates, creates opportunities, but does not score. And in the 80th minute, following a slalom of Maradona, Caniggia score and allows Argentina to win 1-0. A historic victory, the first of Argentina against Brazil in the World Cup. But after the meeting, a controversy breaks out. Brazilian midfielder Branco accuses the Argentinian staff of drugging him with an intoxicated bottle of water. “In the field, I had hallucinations, my head was spinning. I had a lot of trouble playing normally, “he says. Fifteen years later, the coach of the day, Carlos Bilardo, will admit that sleeping pills have been poured into this water. It’s ugly.

Retro jacket ARGENTINA 1990 Polyester / Cotton, made in England

Retro jacket ARGENTINA 1990


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