SANTOS 1972 retro jersey: When the club was founded in 1912, Santos’ first jerseys were blue, white and gold. Quickly, the founders realize that it would be too difficult and expensive to obtain jerseys of these shades in the long term. They opted for a black and white tunic, “the white of peace and the black of nobility”. Until the 1950s, Santos evolves under these black and white stripes, before swapping them for an all-white jersey. The “Juventus” jersey then became the outfit, until 1974, during the entire Pelé period. And when O Rey decides to fly to New York, Santos switches back to a white and black striped tunic. It was notably with the latter that, on June 18, 1979, the Peixe was crowned Paulista Champion for the 14th time in its history, beating São Paulo, 2-1, at the Estádio do Morumbi.

SANTOS 1972 100% cotton retro jersey, made in England.

Vintage jersey SANTOS 1972


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