INTERCHAN 1965 FACCHETTI retro shirt: The final takes place at the San Siro stadium in Milan. Inter Milan prevailed 1 – 0. The Italian club retained their title on their own lawn. The meeting takes place on a waterlogged lawn due to heavy rain that had occurred the day before. Some observers of the time felt that the game should not have been played that evening, indeed numerous puddles made the playing conditions very difficult. However, referee Gottfried Dienst made the decision not to cancel the event. After a strong start of intensities the part is balanced. The Portuguese are reluctant to go on the offensive for fear of the enemy. Inter Milan opened the scoring in the 43rd, the same minute as last year’s final against Real Madrid. This first goal is a shot from Jair that the Portuguese goalkeeper of Benfica Costa Pereira cannot stop because the ball is too wet. Despite a desperate attempt to catch up, the Lisbon goalkeeper cannot prevent the leather sphere from crossing the goal line. It is the double punishment after this episode for the Portuguese club, because Costa Pereira while wanting to erase its blunder injures the sciatic nerve. He must leave his teammates at ten, it is Germano de Figueiredo who replaces him in the cages. The Milan team in numerical superiority will not really increase the pressure but rather fall back in defense to keep this meager advantage. Milanese goalkeeper Giuliano Sarti will make decisive stops. The audience of San Siro will applaud the Benfica players for their valor. A Lisbon columnist will give his following sentiment, “Greater in the defeat of Milan, than four years earlier in the victory of Bern”.

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