JERSEY OLIVE AND TOM MAMBO: We know very little about the Mambo, except that it sports a yellow jersey very South American, and that its star is Julian Ross. The Mambo, a team from the Tokyo school, makes its appearance at the first national championship. His players were chosen among 1000 budding talents. For their entry into the competition, they defeat the Jemini 5-0, with a quintuple of Julian Ross. Playing a game licked, the Mambo FC will however suffer at each tournament health concerns of his captain. Indeed, the first year, they bow to New Team in the semifinal, after Ross had to leave the field. Two years later, same scenario. The star of Mambo is forced out of the lawn, and his team is eliminated by Toho Landers. At the same time, if Cruijff had been removed from Ajax, would the Dutch club have won as much?

OLIVE AND TOM MAMBO 100% polyester swimsuit



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