FLOCKED  JERSEY OLIVE AND TOM MAMBO 14 ROSS: A theory of fans of Olive and Tom says that the most talented player in the series is him. Julian Ross, master of the Mambo, has gold in his feet, but has never been able to express all his talent because of heart problems. At the first national championship, he played New Team in the semi-finals. But his heart problems do not allow him to play the entire match, and despite the fact that he scored a hat-trick, his team bowed 5-4. We find Julian Ross and his number 14 (tribute to Cruijff) at the 1985 national championship. This time, the one who is nicknamed “The Prince of Football” confronts the Toho of Mark Landers. In a duel between the two boys, Julian crumbles, victim of a cardiac malaise. Following this, he will bracket his playing career and will be taken to the Junior National Team as an assistant coach. At 17, so.

OLIVE JERSEY AND TOM MAMBO flocked 14 ROSS 100% polyester



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