OLIVE SHORT AND TOM NEW TEAM Season 2: Two years have passed since the New Team won the school championship. Meanwhile, she won again the championship, Ben left with his father and Thomas went to play in Germany. For this new year, the New Team swapped its white and blue jersey against a white and red tunic. After defeating Hotomo at the regional championship, the New Team starts the national tournament with a 2-1 success against the Alarm. Atton’s team continues its journey by eliminating old acquaintances: the Derrick brothers’ Hot Dog and Philippe Callaghan’s Flynet. The final opposes the New Team to Toho, new club of Mark Landers. A fabulous match, which ends on the score of 4-4. Both teams are crowned champions tie. At the end of the tournament, we discover the names of the selected Junior National Team: Olivier Atton, Mark Landers, Ed Warner, Philipp Callaghan … An All-Star team, in short.

OLIVE SHORTS AND TOM NEW TEAM Season 2: 100% polyester



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