WASHINGTON DIPLOMATES 1980 CRUYFF Retro Jersey: Johan had only landed in NASL a year since he had already been voted “Player of the Year” with the Los Angeles Aztecs. However, the former player decides not to extend his lease with the Aztecs. Direction the East Coast, with a signature to the Washington Diplomats. He obviously becomes the highest paid player in club history, earning a million euros a year. CRUYFF will still have trouble unlocking his goal counter, but will make up for it on July 16, 1980. Against the Seattle Sounders, he scored the goal of the year, leaving four defenders behind on a fabulous kick. However, instead of being happy at the end of the match, the Dutchman will spend his time criticizing his teammates and berating the journalists, even indulging in one: “I’m trying to teach you guys.” Johan CRUYFF, modesty embodied.

WASHINGTON DIPLOMATES 1980 CRUYFF retro jersey 100% cotton, made in England and flocked CRUYFF 14

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