NANTES 1979 EUROPE 1 retro jersey: Summer 1976. FC Nantes signs an agreement with Europe 1 so that the famous radio station becomes the official sponsor of the club. A huge green “Europe 1” therefore adorns the yellow jersey of the Canaries from the 1976-77 season. He stayed there for seven seasons, until 1983. Already a champion in 1977, Nantes will experience its climax during the 1979-80 season. With Jean Vincent on the bench (and a certain Coco Suaudeau as advisor), the Yellows and Greens are crowned champion of France in front of Saint-Etienne, and reach the semi-final of the Coupe des Coupes. A few weeks after their coronation, Bob Marley, passing through Nantes for a concert, asked to play a five against five against FCN players. The morning of July 2, 1980, Bob finds himself on stabilized ground in the Jonelière, Europe 1 jersey on his shoulders, making this tunic definitely a legend.

NANTES 1979 EUROPE 1 retro jersey 100% polyester, made in England and flocked Henri MICHEL 10 on the back

Vintage jersey NANTES 1979 EUR...


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