ARSENAL 1971 retro jersey: At the beginning of the 1970s, in England, we wondered above all who was going to be able to compete with Leeds. In 1970-71, it was the Arsenal Gunners who took this outsider hat. However, in mid-March, the games seemed to be done: the Whites were already seven points ahead. But the Gunners do not give up, and manage to catch up. The final season is then completely crazy. On April 26, Leeds defeated Arsenal in direct confrontation and gained a point ahead. A week later, the Gunners beat Stoke 1-0 while Leeds had the Nottingham Forest and kept their lead. Yes, except that Arsenal had one game less … And this match is played on May 3, on the lawn of the arch-enemy, Tottenham. An epic encounter, decided in the 87th minute by a goal from Ray Kennedy, who offered the title to the Gunners. Five days later, Arsenal also won the FA Cup, for the first double Championship Cup in its history. Fucking epic!

ARSENAL 1971 retro jersey 100% cotton, made in England.

Vintage jersey ARSENAL 1971


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