1970 RDA DDR retro jersey: After being on the verge of qualifying for Euro 68, the RDA is trying its luck again, this time in view of the Mondial 70. Not frankly varnished by the draw, it ends up in a pool three with Italy and Wales. Stylistic change: the team swaps their scalloped neck for a round neck, and the short sleeves for long ones. So 70’s! The playoffs begin with an encouraging draw against Italy, 2-2. Then the players of Harald Seeger are forced to go back and forth against Wales. Italy does the same. As a result, on November 22, 1969, it was a real final which took place at the San Paolo stadium in Naples. It’s simple: the winner is qualified. The Germans have the dream at hand, but the Azzurri are not going to give them gifts, and after 36 minutes they are already leading 3-0. The Mexican dream stops there for the GDR.

1970 RDA DDR retro jersey: 100% cotton, made in Portugal

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