1956 STADE DE REIMS retro jersey: Six passers-by on one side, six on the other, and a white lace that zigzags and ties at the level of the glottis. For almost a decade, the Stade de Reims has been wearing this legendary lace-up in a red jersey with white sleeves, which will become the rallying point for an entire generation. This Reims Stadium is that of Kopa, Penverne, Jonquet, Batteux, Flamion… A formidable team, which won three titles of champion of France between 1949 and 1955. Kopa is enjoying it, it is the standard bearer of this team champenoise, which he took to the final of the Champion Clubs’ Cup in 1956, facing Real Madrid. The first thrill of a French club on the European scene. Reims even led 2-0 after ten minutes… The dream was there, within reach. They would have been “forever the first”. But at the end of the game, Rial gave the Madrid win, 4-3. Disappointed, Reims still won its bet: to make its lace known to the whole of Europe.

REIMS STADIUM 1956 retro jersey 100% cotton made in England.

Vintage jersey REIMS STADIUM 1...


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