DUKLA PRAGUE 1962 retro hoodie: The Dukla Prague was founded at the end of the Second World War. The name “Dukla” comes from the Dukla-Presov battle in 1944 between the Red Army and the Nazis. Dukla Prague becomes the official team of the Czechoslovak army, with a somewhat special recruiting service: during his military service, each professional player must sign the Dukla. The “Ad Duklam” rule even obliges each club in the country to give at least one of its players to Dukla. Inevitably, the Prague club, hated in Czechoslovakia, quickly became the best in the country and its red jersey with yellow sleeves one of the best known in Eastern Europe. It will be notably worn by the immense and brilliant Josef Masopust, Ballon d’Or 1962, and Dukla player from 1952 to 1968. With him, the Army club won 8 championships, and even reached a semi-final of C1 in 1967. Solid.

DUKLA PRAGUE 1962 retro hoodie 100% cotton, made in Europe

Hoodie retro DUKLA PRAGUE 1962


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