NEW TEAM CAP Thomas PRICE: guardian of the San Francis, then of the New Team, is one of the symbols of the series. It is with the San Francis that Thomas forges a reputation of invincible guardian. He won the regional championship without conceding a goal. But during the tournament schools, the goalkeeper is defeated twice by Olivier Atton. From this rivalry will be born a beautiful friendship between the two boys, who will wear together the jersey of the New Team. But in a friendly, Thomas hurts his ankle. This injury will continue him throughout his career and in particular deprive him of all the games of the national championship. Back for the final, he honors his reputation by taking out a boss game. Stop him, and Atton marks: thanks to his two champions, the New Team wins its first national championship. A few days later, Thomas puts his red cap in his suitcases, and flies to Hamburg.

NEW TEAM CAP Thomas PRICE 5 pans, Embroidered Logo, Cotton peach skin, Velcro adjustment tab




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