Made by …

There are jerseys destined to enter the legend. That of Mexico 1978 is one of them. At this time, Adidas is the sponsor of most national selections.

But a few months before the World Cup in Argentina, the Mexican Federation makes an agreement with … Levi’s.

Yes yes, the San Francisco jeans brand. Levi’s will draw two jerseys: a green home of the most traditional, and a white away, with a red and green vertical band. This one is released for the opening match against Tunisia.

The result: a humiliating 3-1 defeat for Hugo Sanchez’s teammates. The white jersey will never be used again, and Levi’s will remove its logo from Mexican outfits in 1979, passing the relay to another American firm, Pony.

And if you feel like you’ve seen this jersey since then, take a look at Portugal 2010, made by Nike …

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