When he was named coach of Lazio in 1971, Tommaso Maestrelli recovers a team that has been relegated to Serie B.

He Maestro will then write a crazy page in the history of the Roman club. His team is composed of “bandits”, literally and figuratively.

Promoted in 1972, Lazio finished third in Serie A in 1973. Maestrelli will then realize his masterpiece during the 1973-74 season, taking Lazio to his first title of Italian Champion.

The following year, the Lazio sports the Tricolor Scudetto on his blue jersey. Unfortunately, she will never go in the Champions League.

The reason? The previous season, after a UEFA Cup match against Ipswich, laziali fans, supported by most players, had attacked the referee and the English.

Result: exclusion from any European competition. Bandits, they told you.

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