Baresi si, Falcao no

The year 1979 is clearly a pivotal year in the history of AC Milan. On May 6, 1979, after a 0-0 draw against Bologna, the Rossoneri, led by Gianni Rivera, are crowned champions of Italy for the 10th time in their history.

A coronation synonymous with a star on the jersey beginning the following season.

Thus, for the year 1979-80, Milan sports a magnificent red and black tunic decorated with the tricolor Scudetto and the star. But the state of grace will not last very long. At the end of the season, Milan players (Chiodi, Morini and Albertosi) find themselves involved in the Totonero scandal and are suspended for several years.

AC Milan, meanwhile, is relegated administratively in Serie B. An “unforeseen” which, suddenly, makes overthrow the already recorded arrival of the Brazilian Falcao, who will eventually go to Roma. Double trouble.

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